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Mary Hattersley -- Old Settlers Music Festival
Mary Hattersley with the "Bows" at the Old Settlers Music Festival

Mary is an accomplished and educated professional musician with a disposition so special that her nickname for decades has been "Sweet Mary".
Mary is a certified Suzuki teacher associated with the Austin Suzuki Academy.  However, she also teaches her students about fiddling, as well -- its history, techniques, and more.
While not performing with her "Blazing Bows", Mary can also be seen with the "Greezy Wheels" (formerly the house band for the World Armadillo Headquarters here in Austin), the country band, "Bill Rowan & the High Rollers", and the bluegrass band, "W. S. T. Bluegrass" (which plays the "Green Mesquite BBQ" restaurant throughout the drier and warmer summer months and is the house band for the Oakdale Park Bluegrass Festivals).  Mary can also be seen occasionally with Kinky Friedman.

Mary Hattersley
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Mary Hattersley's Blazing Bows